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Here are some examples of the classes at MyKidMD. There are scheduled classes in our Dallas location and drop-in classes available. Also, our teachers go to select schools for after-school programs.

It's Urgent Care

First Aid, learning how to take care of cuts , scrapes and insect bites.

In The Doctor's Bag

Explore the Doctor's bag, we use stethoscopes and otoscopes.

Check Blood Pressure

Learn how Doctors check blood pressure and write down the readings.

Look A Little Closer

Use a real microscope for an up close look at cells and microorganisms.

Take A Deep Breath

Children learn how lungs function, using a model with balloons.

All About Vision

We use Eye Charts and paper models to learn about eyes and vision.

Look Like A Surgeon

Students put on gloves and face masks, and learn how to tie knots for sutures.

In The Wild

Explore wilderness medicine, learn about animals and safety when camping outdoors.

Wow That's Gross

Let's make fake mucous slime! It's awesome gross science for kids.

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